Alex Photography (

It's a professional photography service provider since 2003, specializing in Still photography including Advertising, Architecture, Interior, Jewelry and Products with processing expertise computer knowledge.

About the Photographer, Alex Wong

He is not too many words but with big passion in photography. Alex is very keen on photography since a little boy and glad that he can develop his hobby into his career. He starts his career in end-90's as a tourist photographer, at the same time he also starts to learn for advance photography. After finished the course, he works as an assistance for several masters to get real professional skill on photography.

Alex is currently a member of Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (HKIPP) and Hong Kong Professional Photographers Network (HKPPN), he also is a self-learner. He enjoys watching the masterpieces of others and is always inspired to his works. He believes a little bit more on details, on passion, on creativity and on experiences, can pull off with a big difference.

With the advent of technology, particularly in the field of digital photography, he constantly strives to upgrade his equipments and sharpening his professional skills for new era. He believes professional photography is not only simply for selling products, it is also an art.